Pattern 1925 Web Equipment - Air Ministry Weekly Orders (Blue-grey version) and Official documentation (Khaki version)


joinListed below are all of the A.M.W.O. and other official documentation I've found that pertain to the blue-grey form of Pattern 1925. The khaki version was introduced by a Canadian Militia Order, with no accompanying C.L.C. This C.M.O. is also listed below. If anyone knows of any other documentation, in particular for Southern Rhodesia, etc, please send me copies for inclusion in this section.





Air Ministry Weekly Orders (Blue-grey version)

A.M.W.O. No. 591. 1927

Introduces RAF W.E., Patt. '25.

A.M.W.O. No. 793. 1927

Clarifies A.M.W.O. 591.

A.M.O. N.523. 23rd Jun 1938

Modifies Holsters and introduces Pistol ammunition pouches.

A.F.R.O. 253. 31st August 1939

Canadian order to modify Holsters.

Official documentation (Khaki version)

Canadian Militia Order No. 500 dated 28 September, 1928

Introduces the new pattern, confusingly, as Web equipment, Pattern 1919.