“Sam Browne” Belt is an official generic, covering all the component parts, which were approved by Army Order 151 of 1898, which appears incorrectly as “1899” in Dress Regulations for the Officers of the Army (Including the Militia), 1900. A single Pattern No. 397 covered the design, which was sealed on 4th January, 1900. All leather was to be “…brown bridle leather…” and metal fittings, or furniture, were required to be of “…best yellow brass…”, a form which had a zinc content of 33%. Pattern Nos. 398 and 399, both sealed on 4th January, 1900, covered the Scabbard, for use with “Sam Browne” belts and the Scabbard supporter. These were “…to be regarded as typical only…”, the shape varying, dependent on the sword to be carried. These were not covered in the introductory LoC 10440.


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