The above sets-out all the formal Sam Browne components, that were officially listed in 1900. The LoCs applied to Officers, Warrant Officers and Staff Sergeants and did not include the sword scabbards. For officers, Appendix VII (4) of the 1900 Dress Regulations detailed a general form “…for use with “Sam Browne” Belts…”. Comment was added that the scabbards would vary, depending on sword pattern. Swords worn by non-officers differed in pattern and LoC 25210, approved 15 Aug 1922, introduced a New Pattern, Scabbards, sword, Sam Browne, Highland Regiments. This would be for W.O.s and S/ Sgts. This is the only LoC, so far noted, where the term “Sam Browne” was included in the nomenclature. Scabbards, being a component of weapons, were listed in V.A.O.S. Section B2 Service Swords, Lances and Pistols. The only edition to hand is that for 1930, which includes three specifically Sam Browne scabbards, that were worn by Warrant Officers and Staff Sergeants. Some research is still necessary, in order to cross-relate these across the period 1930-2010.

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