Sam Browne Equipment: Associated Equipment


Rather than delay coverage of the basic Sam Browne Belt on Karkee Web, the Great Coat Carriers, Haversacks, Water Bottles and their Carriers, Compass Pockets, Map Cases, Torch Cases, Binocular Cases, Magazine Carriers, etc will be added later, whilst illustrations of all the foregoing will also be added, over time. Few of these items were Sealed Patterns and none were ever designated “Sam Browne”, which comprised five items on Sam’s original design, increasing to seven items in 1898, dropping to six after 1918, five after 1929 and just three items after 1955.


Associated Equipment
Water bottles
Water bottle carriers
Binocular cases
Great coat carriers
Pistol cases (Auto & other oddballs)
Magazine carriers
Compass pockets
Periscope cases
Map cases
Wirecutter cases