Sam Browne Equipment: List of Changes Entries and Other Official Documentation




Listed below are the official documents and entries in military lists that we have found that refer to Sam Browne Equipment. No doubt there are others. KW would welcome any additions to this list. We have grouped these into three categories: List of Changes entries, excerpts from the Dress Regulations of 1900, and entries in Army Orders.




Army Orders

A.O. 151, Dress and Equipment of Officers - "Sam Browne" Belts. approved November 1898

Authorises Sam Browne Belts for Home Service.


List of Changes

LoC10440, Belt, shoulder, brown, sword, "Sam Browne," pair. (Mark I.). | Belt, waist, brown, sword, "Sam Browne." (Mark I.). | Case, brown, pistol, "Sam Browne." (Mark I.). | Pouch, ammunition, brown, pistol, "Sam Browne." (Mark I.). approved 28th December 1900


LoC 11267, Belt, shoulder, brown, sword, "Sam Browne," pair. (Mark II.). | Belt, waist, brown, sword, "Sam Browne," pair. (Mark II.). | Case, brown, pistol, "Sam Browne," pair. (Mark II.). | Pouch, ammunition, brown, pistol, "Sam Browne," pair. (Mark II.). with approval dates of 12th March 1902, 16th July 1902

Introduced Mark II.

LoC 21689, Belt, waist, sword. Sam Browne. Mark II. | Belt, shoulder, sword. Sam Browne. Mark II. | 1. Modification of Patterns Frog, belt, waist. Sam Browne. Mark II. | Strap, steadying. Sam Browne. Mark II. | 2. Nomenclature. approved 6th November 1918

Removes Frog and Steadying strap from Belt and makes them separate items.

LoC 25210, Scabbards, sword, Sam Browne, Highland Regiments. approved 15th August 1922


LoC A3 (Abstract), Section I (a) Accoutrements. nd

Change of Designation.

LoC A4873, Straps, steadying, Sam Browne. approved 22nd November 1929

Declared obsolete.

LoC C4686 (Abstract), Catalogue of Clothing and Necessaries, Section CN. approved 23rd June 1949, accepted 10th April 1951

Change of Nomenclature.

LoC C6788, CASES, PISTOL, Sam Browne (Cat. No. CN/AA 0650) | POUCHES, AMMUNITION, PISTOL, Sam Browne, Mk. 2 (CN/AA 1480). approved 11th August 1955

Declared obsolete.