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Web Equipment, Infantry Officers

Equipment Carriers

As with the 1916 pattern, the weave pattern of Mills Equipment for Officers was fine, involving singled warp threads, rather than the usual doubled threads.



The Frog with the 1916 design was a Frog, bayonet, whilst the 1910 Trials Pattern had had a shortened bayonet style Frog, but fitted-up to take a Sam Browne scabbard. Having maligned (gently) the Sam Browne Frog, in their Patent for a complex sliding Frog, Mills now re-designed the Sword frog. Surprise, surprise - it was now an exact replica of the Sam Browne Frog – but in webbing!

meco 1917cat rearThe interesting sketch at left, by Albert Lethern himself, details the use of the Sword frog, Belt, and Brace without loop to form a Sam Browne style sword rig. Dated 1917, it shows a Sword frog was planned, although the 1916 set did not include one. A similar drawing was then included at lower right on the post-war instructional poster. The sketch was provided to KW by Mike H. on the Great War Forum.

The omission of a Sword frog was remedied as soon as the war was over. The photo at right, from the Mills 1919 catalogue of Officers' Web Equipment, shows that a Sword frog was planned for W.E.I.O. right from 1919 onwards.




FROG, SWORD, 1st Issue

1st issue front1st issue rearThis example has “gated”, or Open Bar Buckles, which ought to make it a 1st Issue, following the practice with the Rucksack buckle change (see L of C §23970). Unfortunately this example is completely un-marked, but is known to have been made by M. Wright & Sons.  From the John Bodsworth Collection. Photographs © John Bodsworth, 2016.





FROG, SWORD, 2nd Issue

frog front 1frog 1 rearThe example shown at left has un-gated buckles, which should make it a 2nd Issue. It is maker marked "M.E. Co." and dated 1927. From the Jerry Lee Collection, photographs © Jerry Lee 2010.





frog 2 front 1frog 2 rearAnother example of the Sword frog, 2nd issue. Although this Frog is identical to the one used in Web Equipment, Officers', this particular piece is actually a part of Web Equipment, Royal Artillery, which will be covered in a future section of Karkee Web. This Frog is maker marked "M.E. Co." and dated 1935. From the John Lamont Collection, photographs © John Lamont 2010.





frog 2 front 2frog 2 front 3frog 2 detail More details of John Lamont's Frog, sword.






Rog Dennis, 2010